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A creative approach for business assistance


WildFlock as an image

Although a wild flock seems to be totally out of order, any flock of animals does have a clear goal in the end. We have chosen the image of a wild flock because we learned that too much structure blocks our creativity which appears to be vital for success each time. Just start the process and gradually discover the optimal solution.

WildFlock Capital.
As informal investors we support start-ups as well as on going business with a strong focus on improving profitability and sustainability.  Klick  WildFlock Capital   for more details.

WildFlock Test Lab.
Have a look at a unique service to our logistic customers, carrying temperature sensitive goods .  Klick  WildFlock Test-Lab   for more details.

Is it unique?

No, not at all. We have seen a lot of situations in the past, managing our own operations. We have repaired our failures and learned from our mistakes until succes was harvest. Expierence and know how was accumulated now ready to share with other enterpreneurs.

Chaos should not be feared in the beginning as long as we know where it should end. This is the way we like to operate. WildFlock has 4 disciplines from which we can offer business assistance. A simple straight forward helping hand.

Jan Gerritsen
Managing director